At Maltby Excavating, Inc. we pride ourselves on prompt, efficient and flexible service. We fully understand the pressure of harvesting and the changeable demands of the weather. We deliver a wide range of Agricultural Services and will maintain a high level of production and efficiency to ensure your project stays the course for a prompt and satisfactory completion.
Surface Drainage
Surface drainage can be achieved by building waterways, rock chutes, rock checks, fabric checks, header walls, toe walls, culverts, swells and ditch cleaning/shaping. Getting the surface water off the top of the ground where it is pooling allows us to excavate the dirt and give the water a route to exit the field efficiently.
Subsurface Drainage
Subsurface drainage is achieved by building terraces/risers, tile mains and full tile systems designed to fit the specific agricultural need. By placing plastic perforated field tile into the ground to remove the capillary water or excess water out of the soil, the soil is then allowed to breathe, thereby promoting plant growth, root depth and over all yield increase.
Culverts consist of metal or plastic pipe under roads, crossings or anywhere water needs to drain. This is done by placing pipe in the depression and building a bridge, so to speak, over the depression, so water can exit, while still utilizing the crossing, road or area as needed. We are able to create all types of lanes and roads from start to finish.
We are able to turn unusable ground into agricultural sites, roads, pipelines, and many more functional spaces by utilizing our 25 ton excavators equipped with thumbs to easily meet the needs of clearing brush, timberlines, trees and pastures.
Soil Conservation Work
This consists of controlling erosion in fields and roads, etc. We do this by building fabric checks, silk fences, rock chutes and terraces with tile inlets to control the flow of water to help prevent surface erosion and we often work with the Department of Natural Resources on projects or use their practices when they are not involved.